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Mega Man Online

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#1 ~Naruke~


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Inviato 03 settembre 2010 - 02:05

ecco che vi presento mega man online

qui il comunicato

Straight from Pmang/Neowiz and Capcom comes the first official Rockman Online Trailer! This beautifully animated video shows the world in peril in which robots riot and buildings crumble. The classic cast, along with glimpses of X characters appear on the scene. Among all the familiar faces there even comes a new, enigmatic character.

While it is unknown exactly how these two series mesh together, it is said this is supposed to be "the bridge" that crosses the series over. I personally see it as a bridge to nowhere due to some possible inconsistencies but then again, we will have to see just how this chaotic saga plays out. Disappointing still is the lack of any screenshots or gameplay footage. What does it all mean? Only time will tell!

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#2 Kite



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Inviato 06 settembre 2010 - 10:18

Il video non mi dice nulla o_

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